Silver Medalist

2019 Axiom Business Book Awards
Business Technology category

“Data and AI are revolutionizing marketing, and Tom, Chris, and Vivek are among the pioneers driving this tectonic shift. This book is a terrific guide, full of unique insights for marketing and business professionals, and anyone else interested in how data is fundamentally transforming our world.”

– Jonathan Levin, Philip H. Knight Professor and Dean of Stanford Graduate School of Business

“There has never been a more bewildering―or exciting―time to be a brand, and Chavez, O’Hara, and Vaidya are the smartest guides we’ve got. Whether you’re a hard-headed marketer or just a curious soul, Data Driven shows you what makes modern data-driven brands succeed.”

– Martin Kihn, VP Research, Gartner, Inc., and author of House of Lies

“Data offers explosive competitive possibilities across every business sector, which is why investors are spending so much time wrapping their heads around it. Data Driven is an essential guidebook for anyone trying to separate hype from practical possibility, written by pioneers and experts who are ready to share what they know in terms the rest of us can quickly understand and apply. If you’re an investor or an executive seeking to navigate new data-driven opportunities, this is a must-read.”

– Nino Marakovic, CEO and Managing Director, Sapphire Ventures

“If you’re like many businesspeople, you’re likely bumping into data-related topics at work, but having a hard time parsing all the jargon. Data Driven is the fastest way to pierce through all the buzzwords and understand what data can practically do for your company and your career.”

– Greg Schott, CEO, MuleSoft, A Salesforce Company

“It’s rare to have a chance to learn about a field from someone who combines the intellectual rigor of an academic, the ease of a good storyteller, the vision of an industry-changing entrepreneur, and the straightforward pragmatism of a company-building CEO. It is especially rare to learn about a subject as important, pervasive, and potentially confusing as data, particularly today. Tom, Chris, and Vivek bring all their considerable experience to deliver on that promise.”

– Alex Rosen, Managing Director, Ridge Ventures

“There are very few resources out there that can truly help newcomers and seasoned marketers alike make sense of the data-marketing landscape and hone their skills. This book does just that and is very much-needed. Praise to the authors who managed to demystify fairly complex topics in such a compelling and engaging way―no small feat!”

– Vincent Balusseau, MBA, PhD, Associate Professor of Marketing, Audencia Business School

“Marketers today face huge disruption driven by new paths to purchase and an explosion of new technologies. This requires an entirely new playbook for harnessing the power of data and AI to create more relevant, engaging connections with consumers. Data Driven is a must-read guide for any marketing professional confronting this general challenge and seeking to drive top-line revenue for brands.”

– Deanie Eisner, President, Kellogg Company

“In today’s digital, data-driven world, marketers have the opportunity to actually know what their customers like, what they hate, and where they’re headed―provided they are up to speed on the practical tools and helpful rules of thumb that Tom, Chris, and Vivek share in this book. Data Driven is an indispensable workbook for any marketing practitioner seeking to conquer these new possibilities.”

– Geoffrey Moore, Venture Partner, Mohr Davidow Ventures and Wildcat Venture Partners, and bestselling author of Crossing the Chasm

“If you work in a business that depends on digital interaction with consumers, much of what you thought you knew has been upended in the last 10 years. This book is one of the fastest ways to quickly learn what you need to know to succeed, with real-world examples and frameworks you can use to effectively engage your audiences.”

– Alysia Borsia, CMO and Chief Data Officer, Meredith Corporation

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